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Arts Club:

  • The purpose of Arts Club is to create a community of people that can collaborate and teach each other the arts. Emphasize the importance of creativity and promote creative thinking. Teaches valuable skills. Allows students to find interest in artistic fields. Allows for the pursuance of various possible passions. Create original art, music, and literary pieces that students can also get constructive feedback on. Have a great time.

President(s): Dan Theriault

Advisor: Daniel Salazar


Christian Student Organization:

President (s): Stacy-Ann Wallen and Alexandra Ferris 

Engineering Club:

  • Our goals are to educate the community of UConn Campus about the field of engineering and expand their knowledge about the different kinds of majors available. Promote professionalism in the field of engineering. Establish networks with local industries for internship opportunities. To meet other young engineers in UConn Greater Hartford and build connections. Raise benefits of being an engineer in today’s society. To experience the daily life of engineers through various events. To have fun, and gain knowledge.

President(s): Tranell Hudson

Advisor: Adrian Weidmann

Hartford Business Society:

  • The purpose of The Greater Hartford Business Society is to assist students interested in not only Business programs available on campus but also in any area relevant to business. We plan to assist our members in enhancing their knowledge and sharpening their skills in multiple fields of business.  Additionally, we intend to allow students the access to the essential tools and support needed to fuel their ambitions.  We hope this club will serve to better prepare each and every member with their professional aspirations and interactions.

President(s): Caitlin Savinelli

Advisor: Bill Ryan

Hola! :

  • The purpose of the Hola club is to bring students together that support or are from Latino or Hispanic descent in a social academic environment, to represent and support the Latino/Hispanic community, to provide fun educational opportunities to anyone interested in the Latino culture. We will also strive to raise Latino awareness on campus and establish and support leaders within our community. We will learn about different Latino countries and their customs, share ideas to help the Latino community and support important issues regarding the Latino/Hispanic community.

President(s): Maria Hurtado Serrano

Advisor: Crystal Morales

Indoor Soccer Club:

  • The mission of this club is to bring together UConn students who share a passion for soccer. We want to enjoy our time together, whether it be playing competitively or for fun.

President(s): Omar Habboub

Advisor: Ron Glaz

Muslim Student Association:

  • The Muslim Students’ Association shall be a non-profit, non-political organization, and the fundamental purpose of the Association shall be to encourage and enable Muslims with basic knowledge and competence in Islam to contribute individually and collectively toward meeting the needs of the community in conformity with Qur’an and Sunnah (way of the Prophet Muhammad). It shall also be the purpose of the Association to avoid any practices that are contrary to Islam and to create a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood.

President(s): Zalan Mumtaz

Advisor: Felix Coe

Magic The Gathering Club:

  • The Mission of this club is to create a welcoming, player­friendly environment for new and experienced players of Magic The Gathering. We shall provide temporary decks for those who want to learn how to play without paying the upfront fee if they were to play elsewhere.

President(s): James Cryan

Advisor: Paul Young

Pre-Health Society:

  • This society strives to bring together students from all health related fields who share common experiences and aspirations.  As an established club over the past few years, the Pre-Health Society strives to provide access to helpful resources, exciting opportunities, and useful information about the health fields to all students who are willing to make the most out of their university experience.

President(s):  Magda Mocarska and Karolina Lewko

Advisor: Felix Coe

Psychology Association:

  • The purpose of the UConn Hartford Psychology Association is to be a resource for students looking to pursue a career in Psychology or are interested in learning more about psychology. Furthermore providing opportunities to network with like minded people, helping members find career and academic opportunities catered to their interests, participating in educational, community, service, and social activities that will enhance their knowledge of the field, while actively benefiting the university and local community.

President(s): Nicholas St. Sauveur

Advisor: Gerald McRoberts

Strive For College:

  • Strive for College is a new approach to correcting the inequalities of college access. Strive recruits undergraduate students to guide low-income high school students through the process of applying to, enrolling in and paying for colleges and universities. This is a student-initiated chapter partnering with High Schools (in the Hartford District). College students will be meeting with high school students on a weekly or biweekly basis to provide on-going support on the college access process and trying to build a strong college-going culture in the community.

President(s): Inactive-Seeking a New Leader

Advisor: Peter Tribuzio

S.W.A.A.T(Students Working Against Assault and Trafficking):

President (s): Alexandra Ferris


  • UKNIT’s goal is to provide a relaxing environment for students to work with their creativity. We are a knitting and crocheting club. We will create handmade items for charitable purposes.

President(s): Inactive-Seeking a New Leader

Advisor: Robin Shefts


  • The purpose of UCONN HARTS is to empower students to make connections through volunteering in the Hartford County. UCONN HARTS seeks to empower students outside of the classroom through volunteer work, service learning and community service. Through this connection with the community we hope to build networking and leadership skills, as well as improving our quality of life.

President(s): Iris Martinez

Advisors: Caroline McCall and Peter Tribuzio

World Club:

  • Our goals are to recognize the importance of different cultures around the world. Raise awareness about current events in various countries. Discover our world and learn about our surroundings. Embrace the diversity of Hartford Campus community. Share our experiences and invite guest speakers to share theirs. To make worldwide cultures accessible to students. Encourage free thinking and open discussions. To have fun, while learning.

President(s):  Hannah Nguyen

Advisor: Tatiana Serebriakova


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