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Creating a Club

Step (1) Garner Interest

Recruit seven (7) undergraduate fee-paying students to join your organization, compile a member list (name, email, net ID, and phone number), and designate a president and treasurer for your organization.

Step (2) Find an Advisor

Advisors serve an integral role in the success of the student organization by meeting with organization leaders regularly, attending meetings and events, acting as a liaison between the University and the organization, and assisting with transitioning and training of new officers just to name a few.  All University of Connecticut faculty and staff are eligible to serve as a student organization advisor.  The role of your organization’s advisor will be negotiated between the organization and the advisor, but most advisors share an interest or have experience in some aspect of the organization’s mission or activities.  We highly encourage you to find an advisor for your organization that’s more than just a name on paper.

Step (3) Draft a Constitution

One of the most fundamental steps in registering a new student organization is drafting a basic set of guidelines that will govern your organization. This will include the name of the organization, its purpose, as well as the specific duties and functions of officers and members. This might sound a bit complicated, but you will receive assistance from Associated Student Government and Student Activities staff.  A sample constitution can be found here.

Step (4) Submit Documentation

Email a copy of your member list, a draft of your constitution, and your Advisors name, email, mailing address, phone number, department, and title to  Please include your president and treasurer availability MondayFriday between 9:00am – 4:00pm.  Student Activities staff will contact you to set up a meeting to review your constitution, university policies and procedure, and answer any questions you might have.

Step (5) Present your Club to Associated Student Government

You will be contacted by the Associated Student Government once the previous steps have been completed to formally present a 5 minute presentation including: name of club, mission, purpose, goals, proposed activities, unique contributions to the University of Connecticut. At the end of your presentation, an official vote will be conducted regarding the status of your organization.